20 February 2010

A Yurt is a Tent

The things you learn at the D&D table...

That, and roller girls make great cup cakes... no really... that isn't some kind of double entendre thing... one of the player's girlfriends made these awesome cup cakes with a melted Hershey's kiss in the middle... oh so tasty... and now she's taunting me with this red velvet cake description that is just... man... I'm having a Homer Simpson moment.

Packing, well, it goes. Man I hate how much dust gets everywhere no matter how much I try to clean... which is admittedly not as much as I should. At least this move will be easier than the last. We have enough boxes and I already have most of my stuff ready to put in boxes.

Warmachine continues to draw my interest... more as I read the rules and actually get a chance to play.

So this was one of the most cathartic weeks of my life. Took care of so many things and put so many others in motion for positive change. Going to end up waving good bye to someone who seems to be missing out, but that's the way things go. For so much of my life I've lived under so much weight, and this week did a lot to push that into the "done" column. Change is a brutal thing, and I'm feeling every bit of it, but man I'm happier to have things move forward.

All for now kids... anyone else want to share?

15 February 2010

Weekend thoughts...

Watched most of the first season of West Wing Sunday... it's like watching a road map for the next 4 season... Sorkin telegraphs every story he's going to tell, but it's so brilliantly crafted, it doesn't matter.

Wiretree - great band... good driving to the lake music...

Warmachine is everything addictive about deck building in Magic The Gathering with the modeling fun of Warhammer... MK II is tightly written and the game seems to be all about going for the jugular. I'll have my Menoth army together by summer. Can't wait to learn a new game...

We are moving... Crowbar and I are moving just a hair north of where we are now because we found a better place for the effectively the same price... more space, we can see the sun and my cell phone works... just waiting to move out before I light up the old apartment on Yelp or something...

When I was a kid the dunk contest was the most magnetic thing ever... this year I completely forgot it happened until I heard the Sports Center Radio guy talking about how lame it was...

We got the T-Rex some D&D 4E on Friday... here's hoping the 1st TPK I've ever seen in 4E wasn't an indication of things to come....

A new Week dawns... anyone else do anything fun this Weekend?

03 February 2010

Siege and Lost

Mmmm... tasty serialized story telling
Lost came back... and while it answered things, it did the constant bait and switch of causing more questions... which is what Lost does better than any show ever has. I'm a sucker and can't wait to see where this goes.

"Osborn, you might want to turn around"
Siege... good God on a pogo stick... Siege. You can feel it when you read it... you can hear Bendis saying "remember how I kept telling everyone this was going somewhere? Well... ITS ON". Holy crap this is a great pay off book. I'm digging the heck out of it. Nevermind all of the push to it and the epic nature of the stories once you realized that was where Marvel was going.

All in all... its a good time to be reading comics... the coming tablet wars will redefine the industry, and the storytelling is ready to meet the new formats.