30 June 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: The Sprint

Speed... raw unbridled speed on a two wheel machine unleashed in a bunch of riders, pushing their bodies as far as possible to pull inches ahead of one another and ultimately find the glory of a stage win.

That is what the Flat Stage Sprint is all about in cycling.

27 June 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: Rooting Interest

If you don't know already, The Tour De France starts Saturday. It will be aired in the states on Versus, whose coverage is excellent every year. I've been watching since the halcyon days of Lance Armstrong, and because they work to educate the viewer, I actually know what the heck is going on and enjoy the sport.

This year, the first without Lance in a couple of years, I'm faced with a unique question: who do I root for?

13 June 2011

Wargaming: The Narrative Army Paint Scheme

By now you've all seen my Deff Skull army, and for many, I've been questioned about why my models continue to look the way they do. I figure I should speak to why I made the army color choices I did.

12 June 2011

Today's Progress: Kill Krusha #1

The first of my two Kill Krusha tanks is complete and painted. More on the army after the jump...