21 January 2011

Texas Hires

So now that they are done, now that all the positions have been filled, my thoughts...



Ahem... I can't believe how far the pendulum has swung in my personal excitement level for the next fall. Can't wait to see what Harsin and Major can cook up. That mad scientist lab will be awesome. The S&C coach is a walking demon, and it will be awesome to see how his impact plays out. Manny "play like 11 men who just got out of insane asylum" Diaz has me AMPed for how the defense will play. Coach Boom was great, and I wish him the best in his new Gator digs, but Diaz has me excited again about the defense. Oh, and Dr. Death coming back to Texas.

Mack has the chip back on his shoulder. He has that swagger of "You doubt me and you pay" back. I'm excited for 2011 and can't wait to see what this translates to on the field.

Coming next week: When was the last time music kicked your ass?

03 January 2011


Welcome to the new year...

This post has been taking WAY too long. Sorry for the delay... for the three of you who read this blog.

So it looks like Texas might... maybe... perhaps... possibly have a new set of Co-Ordinators... oh wait. Or not. C'mon Mack... get it in gear. We are frothing at the mouth to get something resembling good news. Since the UCLA game, it has felt like rats running from a sinking ship around the 40 Acres. I can't wait for something good to happen... seriously.

But as my dad so perfectly: "Not like I can un-graduate."

Later... more thoughts on Warmachine and 40k coming soon... promise.