30 October 2010

Well that happened...

Not sure what to say. I think tonight finally broke me. I saw a team play with no identity and worse, less heart. I felt it in my bones at the end of the third quarter. They missed the touchdown and then the field goal. I felt it change. Next play... bam... Bears touchdown. Then EBS bobbles and hands off an interception. And then, despite what happened afterwards, the game was over.

Here's hoping Aaron Rogers can still remember his childhood, much less ever play again. As a multi-concussion person, it is painful to see any head injury, but he went down, flopped and then didn't move for about 5 minutes. I was sure he was dead. That isn't hyperbole. I thought I saw someone die on the football field. I hope he is well and seeing him walk off the field puts the game in perspective. He is still breathing, and for that, I'm thankful.

Even still... I will always be a Texas fan. Congratulations go to a Baylor team that has a FAST offense and a defense that might be decent enough to keep them in games. Griffen is as advertised and they will go far with him. Hell, they have a shot to win the Big XII South. Good luck to Baylor.

Well, no home game next week. K-State in Manhattan. I'm not sure if I could have done three weeks in a row of this at DKR.

Until next time, sleep well Ms Rabbit, you are making me smile tonight.

17 October 2010

Where's the spoon?

I need to eat some crow.

As most of you know when talking to me all last week, I predicted a complete brutal beating of Texas in Lincoln this week. Gleefully, I shall now say this:


Damn that feels good.

I've watched this team all year. I never expected to see this... seriously. They played steady, assignment defense and kept Taylor Martinez in front of them. They made his running backs and passing beat them... and as we saw, they didn't.

Hook 'em. Gonna be rocking at DKR as all the fair weathers come out again. For the record, I only lost hope. I still wore my Texas gear to work and watched and cheered, damn it.

11 October 2010

Zune 4.7... or why I want to chuck my machine out the window

So I'm getting a weird error... basically the install file that is running isn't recognizing itself as a valid file. Doing a bit of digging and it looks like this is a problem with the Wireless install within the Zune software. No word on a fix... there are like 10 of us Zune owners, so not much of a groundswell.

If I was going to a Windows Phone 7 phone I'd be more interested, but I'm on Sprint, and no CDMA this year at least. Every time I get hope in the Zune platform, it is propmtly dashed by the geniuses in Redmond.

Seriously Microsoft... are you actively trying to push your customers to Android/iOS?

01 October 2010

UCLA and ou

Well I suppose I should give my thoughts on the debacle that was last Saturday in Austin.

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that I'm a die hard Texas fan. I have been to every home game since 1994 when I was in LHB. I love my Horns. I will root for them and cheer until I go horse, and have many times. I'm bummed when they lose and elated when they win.

Saturday tho... I saw something I haven't seen in a long time. I saw a blatantly unprepared and overly sloppy mess of a team. I haven't seen Texas play this bad under Mack Brown. A muffed punt... a muffed kickoff! Nevermind all of the other miscues.

I will give credit to UCLA... their defensive strategy was simple: deep safeties to deny the down field pass and force Texas to run the ball. Texas responded by not being able to run the ball and making as many mistakes as they could.

It made me tired and frustrated to be a fan, knowing that my team was over-matched by a team we should have crushed. Texas played sound defense until the second half, giving up the first drive. It was a dagger in the heart.

I don't know what the fix is... I don't know what should be done. I've always been a fan of a new offensive mentality, based on schematic ingenuity and not reliant on athletic execution. As we've seen this year... that just isn't something Texas can do right now.

So on to our neighbors from the north... What are we going to see Saturday? I have no idea. I think Texas will play immaculate defense. I think Coach Boom will have them whipped up into a fervor over what happened last weekend and they will do everything they can to crush Landry and his boys. Offensively... well... OU's defense hasn't looked awesome so far so... well... I can hope right?

So Saturday I'll keep track of the game while I run errands as promised with the God of War. I don't know if I can watch that game on TV... if you go to games, watching it on TV is IMPOSSIBLE. So... root till you are horse and BTHOOou!!!!