29 July 2010

Things not to learn the hard way...

  1. Don't put anything with fresh super glue in your mouth... you know it got on your tongue because you can taste the emptyness... it is like a taste cloaking device.
  2. Don't apply paint seal in bad light... let's just say my army doesn't need a white dry brush... I want to punch myself in the face, but it would only hurt less.
I'm too tired to be pissed... spent the whole day getting the second stompa finalized. The Lifta-Droppa arm is complete and I like the way it looks. I have to let the green stuff rivets dry overnight before I base spray in the morning. 

At least the Stompas and the Mek Boy Junka won't look like some idiot sprayed too much sealant on them... I could puke right now.

27 July 2010

The Convetion formerly known as BoLs

The Con Formerly known as BoLs is this weekend... and I'm just about ready. I've got most of my army painted. Tonight's work is finishing the MekBoy Junka, the Big Mek, the last MegaNob and all the grots on the 1st Stompa. Then the magnetizing and basing begins. I've made a mix of ash and this dark brush with some rocks for texture. Should look cool against the dull steel, bright blue and bone white.

I snagged a metal trash can lid for a display tray... which will look AWESOME and fit the theme of a bunch of grouches in walking trash cans.

The last task is to complete the second Stompa. Wednesday is going to be busy, but with the Girl, the Crowbar and the Spatula of Motivation to keep me crackin, I'm confident I can get it all built.

Best part about this army is that it was put together through copious trades of models I already owned and didn't use anymore. That and I get to play my Mega Dredd (such an awesome Christmas Gift, thanks Mom and Dad).

For Warmachine on Friday I have everything glued and my two lists put together. So glad I don't have to get them painted in time... 

Pictures will be posted both of the completed armies and from the weekend.

26 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Finale

So Contador held on, barely, to win the Yellow in Paris. Seeing him break down on stage after winning the jersey at the Time Trial tells you how much he wanted it and just how scared he was he had lost it. It is good to see an emotional winner, who is proud to hold his prize and will break himself in two in order to achieve it. Too bad that usually means a lousy person to be around (see Michael Jordan).

Cavendish winning in Bordeaux and Paris cements him as the Greatest Sprinter of the Age. The Fastest Man on two wheels showed he needs only the opportunity and opening to get to the line, and he will dominate all challengers. The one man who I think could have given him a run for it was Farrar, and his broken wrist prevented the show down everyone wanted. Next year kids... next year.

Alas, for my cycling hero, Lance Armstrong, there is no next year. Well, at least at Le Tour as a rider. He was gracious in his exit and brilliant on Tuesday to give that lasting beautiful image of a great warrior fighting to show he still will. He will be missed, and Le Tour will certainly feel the hit in the ratings, but his Legacy not only as a great champion, but as an evangelist of Cancer Prevention and Treatment will last for ages. For the record I'm still going to watch... the rivalry between Contador and Schleck is compelling and will provide great story telling for years.

So I say good bye to my yearly obsession. It has gotten me back to blogging regularly, whether or not anyone else is reading it (stats tell me I'm the only one who does... anyone care to comment?). Enjoy the recap show on Monday on Versus.

23 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 16

So we a hell of a fight up the Cul de Tourmalet. Andy hit Alberto with everything he had. Contador took every shot and didn't budge. When Contador finally attacked, Schleck was ready and answered. He even overtook Alberto and let him know to cut that out. They both had more in the tank and could have attacked for hours without either giving an inch.

Looks like it is down to the Time Trial on Saturday. Let's see if Schleck can pull something from his backside. Otherwise, we are looking at win number 3 for Contador.

In another fit of awesome, Lance Armstrong and Chris Horner finished very high in yesterday's stage. They both have shown incredible form in the Pyrenees, and Lance has the look of a man who would have been on the podium if not for the crash day in the Alps.

Sprinters *should* take the spotlight in Friday's stage, but look out for a head wind splitting the Peleton. It would be mind boggling for all of that amazing work in the mountains to shift because of a split.

Keep watching Versus, they continue to knock their coverage out of the park... now if they would only post the "You vs Second Place" video so I could link it's awesomeness here.

21 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 15

This stage route is colorfully known by its traditional title... The Circle of the Dead Men. The route profile is something that matches the name. Two Category 1 climbs, two Beyond Category Climbs and a 60 KM run to the line. 100K/hr in speed on the descent, and all the pain you could ask for in a bike race...

As for drama, it delivered, but not because Andy took his revenge. As a fan of cycling for over a decade in large part due to Lance Armstrong, Stage 15 was a beautiful bit of fan service. I got to root for my hero again. He climbed the Tourmalet gloriously and almost pulled off the stage win. This was, so far, my favorite stage to watch. It was compelling from the start, offering drama at every turn with attacks and a break away I had a rooting interest in.

Lance looked like the king he truly is. Eno joked that he seems to have come back only to leave out the "little door." Stage 15 wasn't a direct response to that, or to anyone. It was Lance taking the moment  by the throat like only he can. It made me revel in the day and the moments. I was cheering for him... literally yelling and clapping in support. Seeing the Texas Longhorn flags brought back more memories of past glory on the road and just made the moments that much sweeter.

Man... even writing this is giving me goose bumps. That was so much fun to watch. I had to call my Dad when it was done. Sports is shared at its very best, and he will always be my touchstone in that regard.

After the race Franky Andreu asked Lance, "You showed them that Lance Armstrong isn't done yet is he?" Lance's response and look at Franky was priceless, "Lance Armstrong is done in about 4-5 days." He's a tired old dog, but he still has all the fight in him. Bodies get old and wear out. That's the nature of the human condition. But as someone who is watching all his friends get older and realizing how lame it can be to get older... Stage 15 was a thumb in the eye. Man that was fun to watch.

Lance joked, "I wasn't the oldest guy in the break." Two other 38 year-olds as well as a 39 year-old were in there with him. It was brilliant to watch.

Rest day Wednesday and then... the Tourmalet and the dual that should decide Le Tour 2010. Andy and Alberto should be firing all their shells. Should be a hell of a day. This has been the most compelling Tour I've watched... every day is a story.

Keep watching Versus... they are in the mountains... and your HD TV will pay it self back to you when you see some of the helicopter shots.

20 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 14

And with one slip of a chain, Le Tour went from one of the best I've ever seen in terms of competition and compelling television to eye glue. This is insane. We can cram more controversy and storyline into this year? Really? As a viewer and fan of the sport... AWESOME.

So yeah... Andy's chain popped off right as he was kicking in the after burners to try to put Alberto into difficulty. Alberto responded and then blew past him. Unfortunately, he kept accelerating up the mountain and put on the rocket jets down the descent. Schleck worked his ass off to get to the top as fast as he could, but his group wasn't the desending mad-men that Contador's was and he lost yellow.

Was it fair what Contador did? Should he have waited on him? In my opinion, maybe not waited, but he could have kept from the serious attacks. He actively accelerated while Schleck was getting back on his bike and back rolling. I've watched Tour after Tour that has examples of this kind of situation showing off supreme fair play and a desire to win because you put the other guy in difficulty, not a spot of luck. I can see why Contador wouldn't tho, as it wasn't his fault and he couldn't wait too long and give Sanchez and Menchov enough cracks to crawl back into the top two.

I will love watching people bag on Contador because he didn't win... he got lucky. Fine with me, I find the guy to be a jerk and it is so in his personality.

But now... as promised, Stage 15 will be Andy's Revenge. As a viewer and a fan... OH.HELL.YES.

18 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 12 & 13

And it has come to this... the Pyrenees. Crazy high mountains... and 4 stages of pure unadulterated hell on the riders. At least 1-2 Cat 1 or Hor Cat in every stage until Thursday.

Is this awesome or what?

In what has turned out to be the most brutal of any Le Tour I've watched, people are dropping like flies. My hopes for Tyler Farrar winning a stage are dashed, as is his finish. The wrist proved more than he could bare, and I can't say I blame the guy. He was a warrior for staying that long, but man... I've said it before, when a pro-cyclist tells you they are in too much pain to go on... I mean WOW.

Schleck v Contador continues to entertain. They will box and match one another throughout the week. I was amazed to watch them almost stand up Sunday, but they are almost racing against each other alone... no one is close enough to over take them or even seriously threaten their lead.

Everyone keeps waiting for Lance to make his statement... not sure when it will come, but I have to agree... the guy is too competitive to let Le Tour slip by without at least one stage to call his own.

More tomorrow...

16 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 11

Started out as any other flat stage... morning break away... catch... but then the wind came. We saw an amazing pace set by Team Saxo Bank in defense of Andy Schleck's Yellow Jersey. They tried to dislodge Contador in the cross-wind, but thanks to one team mate, Contador stayed in contact.

Of course, then they started to roll in for the sprint. Robbie Hunter gone for a broken wrist... when a cyclist is telling you it hurts to much to use his hand, you know that he is talking about pain on an almost Biblical level. Tyler Farrar (I've been miss-spelling his name this whole time, sorry) lost one of his lead outs. He was left with Julian Dean, who is no slouch. As things sorted out going into the last 800 meters, we were witness to something I've not seen in racing in a while... HEADBUTTS. Renshaw didn't like the line that Dean took, so he head butted him 3 times. Once Renshaw sprung Cavendish, he peeled off and seemed to come out in front of Tyler, blocking his line. Cavendish won, Farrar showing excellent speed. He'll win a stage... I have faith... but luck keeps getting in his way.

As far as Renshaw being kicked off the tour... I honestly think it was earned. He seemed to go out of his way to impair the Garman riders. You can't do that. The rivalry between these two teams is starting to become a way to sell tickets. This will only add to that fire. Garman and HTC are two of the strongest American teams (Radio Shack being the third... BMC is still too new). If one of them ever gets a true GC contender, will the other sabotage? As a sports fan, man I hope that scenario comes out.

Again, watch Versus, their coverage is awesome. That and tones of adds for Inception and The Expendibles...

15 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 9 and 10

Andy Schleck is in Yellow, and looks like he wants to hold it for the rest of the race. The dual on La Madeline between him and Contador was fantastic, and really only topped by how well they caught the break away. Those two are the heads of state this year, no one else is close.

My thoughts on Radio Shack remain the same... but with the added caveat that they are going to try to win as many stages as they can. With a team that strong from top to bottom who are now going to stage hunt... let the Peleton be warned. Stage 10 already saw this start. I wonder if they will try to sprint?

Speaking of... should be a hell of a sprint today, hopefully Robbie Hunter didn't hurt his wrist too badly. That be crushing for Tyler Farrah... to finally be healthy enough to sprint, only to lose your lead out man.

Watching Cadel crumble was heartbreaking... but then we learned he had a broken elbow. Good Lord! The man is still riding! Tour riders are the toughest SOBs alive in my opinion.

Sprint fun during the week and then 4 days in the Pyraneese. Brutality pure and simple. I can't wait to watch.

14 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Delay in Post

I must confess I fell asleep while watching the stage last night when I got home. I was tired, sorry.

Double re-cap will come in the morning when I get a chance to watch it.

13 July 2010


No tour stage Monday, so random thoughts and commentary...
  • WARCon Orks are coming along... I will have a post on how I did the paint scheme once they are finished. I still need to find a metal trash can lid and an Oscar the Grouch figure to complete the over all look
  • Nebraska have lost their minds... I never thought I would see something like the All Red Nation thing come out of Lincoln - it just isn't their style. Guess that's what happens when you get desperate and can't kill a bogeyman.
  • World Cup was fascinating... the play combined with the mess that was "The Decision" makes me want to get into EPL and Champ League that much more. Just have to pick a team... anyone have any ideas?
That's all for today... commentary on Stage 9 will be posted as normal. As always, watch Versus. Phil and Paul are unmatched.

12 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 7 & 8

This weekend we saw the true beginning of the Overall Classification for Le Tour De France 2010... the Alps. We saw men rise to the challenge of the mountains, showing off why they are considered challengers. Spartacus lost his yellow, but that is almost customary at this point. His body isn't fit for the peaks.

So now your GC top 10 looks exactly like what we thought it should look like. All the heads of state are there... well almost. Only one man failed to keep up, and it wasn't because his legs weren't with him. I never thought I would say this as a fan of his, but man, I almost pity Lance Armstrong. Lady Luck didn't just turn on him. She pimp slapped him in public, waited for him to stager back, and then did it again. There is no greater rider of Le Tour than Lance. He is inhuman and brilliant when he's on form. Sadly, form doesn't matter this year for him as flat tires and crashes that he didn't cause have nullified his greatness on the bike and reduces him to the best Domestique anyone has ever had. He will ride like a demon now for Levi, who remains in the top 10.

I would have fear if I was the rest of the riders, as Radio Shack still looks like they are a team with good legs. But now they have focus. I can guarantee you also that Lance is angry. He will personally attempt to push the field as the lead out for Levi. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

That's what I'm hoping for at least... hard to root for a petulant twat from Spain, a douche from Luxumburg and an also ran from Australia.

Well... there are the sprints...

Rest Day today... watch the Versus recap. Those guys do AMAZING coverage of the race. Phil and Paul are why I know what I know about racing, and they are the most entertaining play by play guys in any sport just shy of Tommy Smyth.

10 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 6

Cavendish looks to be truly back to last year's form. He's now at 2 wins so far, but the guy lurking is the tough bastard that is Tyler Farrah. If Garman can get their tactics together, which they will, Tyler will finally get a stage win. He has the legs now, he just needs the lead. Should be fun to watch next week.

For the weekend tho, The Alps loom. Saturday's stage isn't too brutal, we should see a mild sort out, but I doubt it. Likely Spartacus will lose his Yellow... he's too big a guy to climb well.

Looking forward to a weekend of great sports... Le Tour and the World Cup final. A nice taste of greatness after watching LeBron nut punch a city and his own legacy in the same hour. I have no issue with him wanting to win and going to play with his friends. If it makes him happy and that's what he wants ultimately, then good. Go for it. But could you have been less of a douche bag in how you did it? that was like watching someone dump their girlfriend life on TV. It was... rude and dirty.

Anyway... Le Tour continues with the drama. There was a fist fight at the end of stage 6... no joke... a rider took exception to getting elbowed repeatedly. In frustration, he began to hit his tormentor (no joke) with his rear tire. Fists were thrown, and it was broken up. Surprisingly, neither man was kicked off the tour, just fined $200 Euros each. To be fair, two men who are built like skeletons slapping each other can hardly be called a "fight".

Keep watching kids... Versus is doing a hell of a job as usual.

09 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 5

Well, Cavendish has his head straight it appears. He showed amazing emotion after the race, crying as he got his stage trophy. I love the guy, but then again I also have a fondness for over the top sports personalities. (See my love of pro-wrestling)

Watching the Versus coverage last night and seeing the interviews they did with the Garman squad... from the first interview my reaction was "Farrah is healthy enough to go for it." Felt good to be right. If he had made the correct move, he would have won that stage. This is going to be fun to watch next week when we get back to sprint stages.

The mountains loom... well the first set anyway. Saturday is the first Alpine stage (and then the World Cup final, great sports TV day).

08 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 4

Not a lot of carnage yesterday, we just your average first week flat/sprinters stage. Great drama at the end with that sprint, however. What does look promising is how many guys from Garman/Slipstream are in good health. As Tyler Farrah gets healthy, we could be looking at some serious output from that team.

Most of the riders interviewed seemed okay with the way the first three stages played out. "That's a bike race" is what you heard most often. *grumble* I suppose... still... brutal course selection has led to an entire Peleton in bandages.

07 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 3

Cobblestones were as brutal as advertised. I've never seen the classics that feature them... that is just a rough ride.

Another GC guy goes down in Frank Schleck... the site of him laying on the side of the road was painful enough to watch, but word that he has 3 fractures to his collar bone makes it that much more cringe worthy.

Tyler Farrah is a bad bad man. Fractured wrist and a score of bumps and bruises, but the man is still in the race. I was already rooting for the dude... but now it is magnified. Hope he can make it to Paris and show just how tough an SOB he is. If he even manages to sprint in a stage or two, well, he's made of iron.

Lance's flat tire sucked, but his form looks outstanding. He looks like a man who is ready to win the race. I'm hoping he didn't lose too much yesterday for it to hamper him.

All in all, not as much carnage as day 2, but still... Le Tour is about suffering on some level, but the race planners this year are bordering on Sadists with some of the route choices. While yesterday made for compelling television, it was because of the effort of Armstrong, Contador, Andy Schleck, Spartacus and Thor. It shouldn't be easy, but I think this is a bit much.

Flat stage today, if anyone has the gas left for a sprint, it should be a fun finish.

06 July 2010

Le Tour 2010

"So I guess this year they don't care about skill, just if you have enough to survive" - The Crowbar

That's paraphrasing, but the sentiment was captured. This years Tour de France, the first two stages at least, have been more about making it through to the end than anything else. We were robbed of a sprint finish on Stage 1 by three successive crashes. Then Stage 2 treated us to what can be accurately be described as cycling carnage. I've been an avid watcher of Le Tour for a decade... I've never seen anything like this. Seeing Andy Schleck with what has to be a severe shoulder/collarbone injury stand by the side of the road in shock summed it up. This isn't fair... this isn't because someone was better on a mountain... this is because the road was too narrow for that many riders... and then it rained. To lose out of the finish because of nonsense like that goes beyond sport... it is simply cruel.

So far Schleck hasn't abandoned, but he *has* to be hurt and that will impact his chances in the mountains. VanDeVelde continues his snake-bit dance with the Tour, cracking 2 ribs, lacerating his freaking eye-lid and generally having his body destroyed after 3 successive crashes. If Tyler Farrah can keep sprinting with the pain he must be in (jacked up wrist, general falling injuries) it will be heroic to watch. Farrah vs Cavendish was a reason to watch the Tour this year... now it might be a never was.

At least most of the GC remained up right. Fabian "Spartacus" Canchelara is to thank for that. He slowed the Peleton, even convincing it to neglect the sprint finish. Sure his team leader fell down, but the man is a titan in cycling. He is a old school professional who wants to win things on the road because he or his team was better than another man, not because they were able to avoid a wreck they had no hand in causing. The fact alone that Contador and Armstrong were caught behind the series of wrecks and had to push hard to get back to the lead group is enough to tell you this was a crap day. Those guys hug the front. They live on the front of the Peleton, specifically for days like this. That's how bad it was... people scanning likes hawks for wrecks, knowing they would come still got caught up.

And all this is before Stage 3... 200k on freaking cobblestone roads. I know cyclists have pain tolerances that are truly inhuman, but Good Lord. This is like making golf courses longer to "Tiger-proof" them, except instead of length they added MMA fighters to protect every green. Wait... that would be awesome... contemplate the visual of Brock Lesner on the 18th hole of the Masters, staring down Lefty McManboobs ready to pounce. Who wouldn't watch that?

But I digress... we will see how all this hits the contenders as the race progresses. It would be a shame if the Le Tour 2010 dies a slow death because every contender is broken long before the mountains can crack them.


05 July 2010


 Kavaki back
Kavaki, originally uploaded by pkhtexas.
Just finished painting my model for the Jester's campaign.