21 November 2012

COMICS: A New Age of Brilliance

Comic Books are in a New Age of Brilliance. Not so much an earth shattering thought as a link grabbing first line. But the argument is to be made that currently comic books are seeing the apex of years of forces leading us towards so many brilliant story tellers in the medium all at once.

The cover of Uncanny X-men 217, my first regular issue of X-Men. The image is owned by Marvel Comics.

03 July 2012

02 July 2012

Le Tour de France 2012: Stage 1

The Rookie plants his winged flag by winning Stage 1, edging out a pretty stellar group.

30 June 2012

Le Tour de France 2012: Prologue

The devil of the Alps awaits the riders in a week or so, but today is all about the quick time trial.

12 June 2012

WGC Narrative: Stompa

Why yes, indeed that is a wrecking ball, thank you for noticing!

11 May 2012

W40K: Da Mad Mek Is Back To Work

Been muckin about far too much of late... the Mad Mek has decided it is time to get back to work...

07 March 2012

Adepticon: The First of my Trolls

So I swore after last year I would get a head start on painting. I promised myself I wouldn't cram. Guess what?