14 November 2009

Digital Comics 2 - Gaming

There is another side to digitally distributed comics... gaming books also fall into this realm. Wouldn't it make sense for D&D, White Wolf, or any other group creating table top material generate the information and send it out digitally?

I mean, it already happens. Most gamers have 1 set of the books needed in a gaming group and have downloaded scans from various venues which provide a perfect gaming tool for you laptop. WoTC has started to embrace the digital model, and there are loads of start up groups like Army Builder who provide a digital tool for table top gaming. They are further along than comic books, but wouldn't it benefit them to produce licensed digital copies. You could even water mark them or go so far as to DRM the copies.

On another note, Google Wave presents an interesting tool for a game scenario. You could simulate a true game online, which would be really cool. With how live that system can be, it would present a true feel for a the room that previous options (chat, forum, email) haven't before. We shall see where that goes...

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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