20 January 2010

A few notes...

Sorry for the delay, been crazy busy...

> With the new Nids book out, I was WAY closer to an army than I thought. I should start seeing table time with them soon enough. The book itself reads like an awesome horror novel. It is GREAT.
> Gotta craft a Warshine for the Fantasy tournament this weekend. I have the parts... just need to get to it.
> Red Cliff is amazing... watch it if you get a chance.
> Blueprint III is still awesome... even after a ton of listens. The first 10 tracks on that record (minus one verse by Kanye) are untouchable. Brilliant record that moves the game forward.
> I had to resort to using a ticket sheet. MMMM gruel. To be fair tho, by using it, I was able to figure out how to make the super formula work on v2.
> The explosion of tablets at CES pushes things closer to my dream of an color e-Reader for comics.
> This just in... allergies suck
> Breaking news... new mattresses are expensive

Okay, enough for today. Don't break nuthin can't be fixed.

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