30 October 2010

Well that happened...

Not sure what to say. I think tonight finally broke me. I saw a team play with no identity and worse, less heart. I felt it in my bones at the end of the third quarter. They missed the touchdown and then the field goal. I felt it change. Next play... bam... Bears touchdown. Then EBS bobbles and hands off an interception. And then, despite what happened afterwards, the game was over.

Here's hoping Aaron Rogers can still remember his childhood, much less ever play again. As a multi-concussion person, it is painful to see any head injury, but he went down, flopped and then didn't move for about 5 minutes. I was sure he was dead. That isn't hyperbole. I thought I saw someone die on the football field. I hope he is well and seeing him walk off the field puts the game in perspective. He is still breathing, and for that, I'm thankful.

Even still... I will always be a Texas fan. Congratulations go to a Baylor team that has a FAST offense and a defense that might be decent enough to keep them in games. Griffen is as advertised and they will go far with him. Hell, they have a shot to win the Big XII South. Good luck to Baylor.

Well, no home game next week. K-State in Manhattan. I'm not sure if I could have done three weeks in a row of this at DKR.

Until next time, sleep well Ms Rabbit, you are making me smile tonight.

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