06 April 2011

"Because he treated me like a person"

The title of this entry says far too much. Seriously... how is it through most of my life I've either made friends with or gotten a date with a woman because I made her "feel like a person and not an object?"

The hell is that shit?

How is it that so many men go through their lives thinking that leering and cat calls will get you laid? It won't. You don't have to be smooth, you don't have to be suave. You just have to behave like a man and treat a woman like a person and not something you fap to on the interwebs.

Just because she has a vagina doesn't deny her humanity. I spent the entire weekend at Adepticon watching socially backwards gamer idiots leer over my best friend. It wasn't cool. Not even a little. She is a person, and a pretty damn cool one at that. Staring at her will not help you get a conversation, it will only make her uncomfortable around you. Also, it makes me want to get all big brother and start yelling at people to show a bit of respect.

Hell, at the last party I went to with the gorgeous Mrs Rabbit, I had to stand between her and creepy leering dudes. Just because she looks good doesn't mean you can opening gawk at her. That's just insulting, rude and in general really skeevy. Never mind the whole territorial instinct to get all "you looking at my woman?" and start some idiotic brawl. Don't make me do it damn it. Cause if you guys keep it up, someone is getting a beer bottle crammed in an uncomfortable place...

This post is more frustration than anything. I've known far too many women who I became close to simply because I treated them like a human being and not some object to be leered at.

Seriously... stop staring at a woman's ass or tits and learn to look her in the eye. It will get you far closer to the finish line than the obvious mental undressing. It is not just rude, but it won't get you laid. Have some class, behave with dignity and respect and you will be repaid in kind. Act like a childish leering ape and be prepared to be treated like one.

So to recap... behave with respect and don't stare... for all of us baby... cause I'm tired of having to pick up the slack for you losers.

Wait... on second thought... I have some of the best friends in the world and the best Girlfriend EVER because of idiots like you. Keep it up. Be complete tools and leave the quality Women for the Men who earn the right to say hello.

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