12 June 2012

WGC Narrative: Stompa

Why yes, indeed that is a wrecking ball, thank you for noticing!

Finally made me a Stompa with a Krusha Ball. I'll have better pictures when I get it all painted.

As far as how I made the monstrosity:
The Stompa is the kit that came from the voting at WGC Narrative last year. I felt like I had to really go big as a thank you, so I went with the Krusha Ball conversion and the Forge World Klaw arm. As always, A lot of design help comes from spit balling with Spanky Harrison.

The arm is a combo of the base of the gun arm and almost the whole Titan CCW that comes in the kit. From there, I took about a foot and a half of 16-gauge wire and braided it to get the "chain". I covered it in plasticard tubing to give it some rigidity and a look of a whip. I will be adding little bits to each link so that it looks orky as I finish.

The Ball is a bunch of plasticard tubes laid out in a barricade type shape to give a base. I then wrapped plastic bead tubing, then thin wire, and then 10-gauge wire into a bit of a ball. It is supposed to look hap hazard and thus, orky. What it really does is weigh a ton, so the front foot will be laden with weight to balance.

The head is going to hold a Flameblecha, and we have some ideas of how to make it look awesome that will come soon.

Like I said, more and better pics and close ups coming.

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