03 July 2012

Le Tour De France 2012: Stage 2

And just like the the "lead out train" questions are done.

Mark Cavendish used his rivals as his own version of a lead out, staying on their wheels and showing his understanding of how to sprint, and then his full power speed to win Stage 2.

It was fun to watch, the first bunch sprint of Le Tour De France 2012. Too bad my DVR ate it. I went from the moment they caught the break away to "and here are the winners." It was... irritating.

As such, I have not much to say on Stage 2... The Green Jersey looks like it will be a heated test. Is Cavendish actually going for it, or will he save his legs for the Olympics? Now that he has at least a win in the 2012 Tour, he may bow out for just that reason. Hell of a year that would make wouldn't it? World Champ, Tour Stage, Gold Medal. He's already one of the greatest sprinters ever, that may cement him in ways few could match.

Looking forward to Stage 3, talk to you tomorrow, loyal reader.

1 comment:

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