09 December 2009

Smell that underdogaliciousness?

Man I love the build up to a National Title game. Texas, at least in the last few years, has always been an underdog against some sort of amazing team.

Why? Texas looked brutal against what might be the best defensive player I've ever seen. The thing is, they still won the damn game. Texas did what they needed to do to beat Nebraska. I'm with Mack on this... if it was in the SEC we would hear all this about how amazing the defense was and how strong the Texas D looked and how incredible the Nebraska D was. Instead? Well, you've heard it by now, no reason to recap.

Bama looked amazing against Florida. They just took it to 'em and beat the Gators as soundly as a team can get beat.

Thing is? I think Texas will hang, and in the end beat Bama. More analysis to come... well what passes for analysis anyway.

Until then... God love the underdog.

1 comment:

  1. God I hate how ESPN/ABC loves the SEC and dogs on all teams Texas. I said it at the start of the season and and I'll sa it now: the SEC is a weak conference compared to the Big 12. Florida was never a number 1 team, but neither are the Horns, now. Their last two games were poor showings of what the team has done all season long, and I hope Mack nips this over the next month.