24 December 2009

UI Config Addiction and Android

So... long ago I came to the realization that I'm a flat out user interface configuration addict. I will constantly change up the look of whatever tool I'm using to get it exactly how I want it. Hell, I ran litestep on XP. My WoW interface looked nothing like what most people played with... and I constantly futzed with it.


Now I have an Android phone, the sublime HTC Hero for Sprint. It's the crack of UI Configs. You have 7 home screens. You can add or remove anything you want on the fly and because HTC is the devil, you can save multiple layouts for different needs. It is amazing. It is wonderful, and my neck will never forgive me.

After two weeks with a touch screen phone, I'm completely addicted. The Android OS is smooth and perfect for my OCDish UI config addiction. My only complaints about the phone are that the vibrate isn't strong enough and the slightly sluggish performance. The vibrate isn't likely to change, but the firmware upgrade rumored to be coming in Feb should solve the sluggishness.

In short: I love the damn thing. Its wonderful. I'm completely addicted. Now if only I could use my mouse to swipe back and forth between programs. Time to find a mouse gestures program for Windows 7... God help me...

Thoughts? Anyone else afflicted?

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