15 November 2011

MUSIC: Start the Day Right

Long time, I know. Sorry loyal reader. Life has been busy. Today's topic is simple: Some music recommendations to kick the morning off better than some coffee.

My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Why? I've said over and over again on this blog, they are this generation's Kiss. This album just kicks things into gear right away and barely lets off the gas. This thing is bathed in early 1980's New York Punk and All Things Bowie. No one does a rock anthem like MCR, and this album has 3 that wake you right the heck up.
Best Track? The last one on the record, Vampire Money. It is everything great about that 80's punk scene distilled through the eyes of its musical descendants.

Mumford and Suns - Sigh No More
Why? Shakespeare. The whole first track is a lyrical mash up of Much Ado About Nothing. That, and the dance of a banjo, organ and beautifully crafted alliterative lyrics wakes you slowly into a good mood. Yeah, I know you are smothered by them on the radio, but the album is really that good.
Best Track? Probably Roll Away Your Stone, but Little Lion Man is close.

The Heavy - The House that Dirt Built
Why? Do you like your face getting caved in by a diesel truck of garage rock? The Heavy is the British Invasion, the MC5, The Who and Motown all slammed together with an industrial press. The first track warns you to enter at your own risk. The second ends in explosions. I rest my case...
Best Track? How You Like Me Now. The baseline is like a conveyor belt of groovy awesome and everything that layers on top is pure power funk. God, I do so love this song.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Why? Keep Adele. If I want a great voice belting out how bad that man really was and just how good her loving is, I'll take Sharon Jones any day of the week. Again, a throw back record. This is Memphis Stacks. She is a proper heir to Aretha, and, no, that isn't musical blasphemy.
Best Track? Be Easy is just too much pure soul to ignore. Sharon preaches on the virtues of being cool and how it will get you laid. You'd be a fool not to listen.

Phish - Coral Sky
Why? If you read this blog, you already know I worship at the alter of live Phish. Coral Sky is a great example of the band feeling good in an outdoor environment. It features guest percussion of some local legends and sets that right plate of happy groove.
Best Track? Waste is one of the most beautiful, simple love songs I've ever heard.

So that's my short list right now... what do you guys kick it to in the morning?

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