07 March 2012

Adepticon: The First of my Trolls

So I swore after last year I would get a head start on painting. I promised myself I wouldn't cram. Guess what?

Yeah, I totally blew it. I spent months figuring out what I wanted to play and then had the inveitable anxiety about just getting started. Thanks as always to SpankyHarrison for his ideas and input on what to use for a a paint scheme. BigRed was helpful bouncing ideas about how I wanted to base the army.

This is the first, an Impaler. I really like how the purple came out. It contrasts really well with the green grass on the base and I think I found the right combo. Now to paint a War Wagon, 6 Tuffalos, the other warbeasts and some whelps. There is more, because I have to at least base color the other armies I'm playing thru the weekend, but if I learned anything last year, it is that when challenged, I can slam out an army.

Special thanks goes to OneMrsRabbit for the loan of her magnifying lamp... made the detail on this so much easier.

That, and Windsor and Newton brushes... you don't even know how much easier it is to paint until you use them.

Here's some more pictures. I'll update as I get models knocked out...

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