24 May 2013

WGC Narrative 2013: Blood Angels Contemtopr

So here is the promised shots of my Contemptor and his cool base from Scibor.

So he follows the same paint scheme of the jet bikes:

  1. Black Primer
  2. Mephiston Red base coat
  3. Leadbelcher on the metals
  4. Agrax Earthshade was on the whole thing
  5. A coat of Evil Suns Red going up to the edges, but leaving the dark recesses
  6. Old school Blood Red wash to tone down the super bright/almost orange Evil Suns
  7. Edge shading using the Reaper Burned Orange
  8. Ironbreaker to shade up the metals
  9. Whites to do the wings and details
I'm actually really proud of how he came out.

The base came from Scibor, and is a fantastic resin base.

For that:
  1. Black Primer
  2. Base of Mecharious Standard Grey on the heads
  3. Base of Zandri Dust on marble
  4. Waaagh! Flesh base on the shrubbery
  5. Agrax Earhshade wash on all of it
  6. Drybrush of Zandri Dust on the heads
  7. Drybrush of Kabalite Green on the shrubbery
  8. Seraphim Sepia wash on the heads and shrubbery
  9. Drybrush of Ushabti Bone on the marble
  10. Wash layer of Fuegan Orange on the marble
  11. Wash layer of Seraphim Sepia on the marble
  12. Lighter Drybrush of White Scar o the marble
  13. Lighter Wash layer of Serphim Sepia on the marble

What do you guys think?

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