28 May 2013

WGC Narrative 2013: The Doctors Are In

So 3 Apothecaries and 2 Centurian Primus Medicae walk into a bar...

This was a rather productive weekend painting wise. I got all of the Apothecaries done for the Narrative Army, all the Terminators are done, and all the marines are at least base coated, with washed bolters.

As always, here's the pictures:

First the Terminators. I built the squad to have a menagerie of weapons. The idea is they are legion Terminators, not Chapter. They aren't specialized and thus have 3 different kinds of combi-weapons, power fists and lightning claws, a Reaper Autocannon and a Heavy Flamer. They are supposed to be ready for anything:

Yes... this guy means speeder bike squad has feel no pain...

The Forgeworld Apothecaries are some of the coolest models I've ever had the pleasure of painting. There is ZERO conversion, other than the shoulders on the Mark II because they were missing from the pack:

Now... the guy that taught me just how deeply to hate painting with white as a primary color:
I spent an hour trying to get his eyes right, and I have no confidence in it. That and this is the best picture I could get of him... the flash kept reflecting off the white armour.

More to come as progress ramps up. Narrative is in 2 weeks, and I plan to be painted and ready to have some fun with some Heresy goodness.

Please, share your thoughts...


  1. When I get back to Austin this army and my Heresy White Scars have got to get some Siege of Terra action going...

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