20 May 2010

Learn to Trust A Story Teller ... or ... Why I Want to Strangle Most of Fandom

So yes, on many levels, the title sounds like pot calling the kettle black, I know. If you have ever heard my thoughts on X-Men 3, you know I HATE miss-handled stories. The thing is, I waited till I saw the whole thing and *then* I shit all over it. I had problems with the way the story progressed as well as how ridiculous some of the things that happened were. It completely stepped away from what had been built in the first two movies and in general aborted the franchise.

Now... Lost... and yes... spoilers (and vitriol) may or may not abound... read at your own risk...

I love this show. It is everything that is brilliant about serialized story telling. You have to check your instant gratification at the door. It is the only way to truly enjoy it. If you want every answer ever, watch something else. The whole show is about faith ... faith and mysticism. Of course there will be things that aren't answered. If we have to explain to you what the light is about and why everything started, well, there are whole schools devoted to studying that degree of philosophy. Get the hell over yourself... everything isn't spoon fed... use your damn mind and think.

But more than anything... stop being pissed that they haven't answered everything. I've come to a point where I accept where the story is going... but I'm also a comic book guy. I am VERY comfortable with the idea that I won't get every answer right away, and really will only get the answers that matter. Some things will always stay a mystery. That's because the storyteller wanted it that way. We aren't talking the end of the Sopranos where it felt like they played a trick on the audience. We are talking about a show that has always been about mystery. Trust that the story tellers will take you where they want the story to go. They will resolve the major issues of the show, and if not, I too will light them up. Until then... let Cuse and Lindleof take you on the journey or get off the bus.

Things I've seen that drive me insane:
1. What will happen if Smokey leaves the island? Why is it bad? Well, they've kind of made that clear... the world will end. If he gets out, he's full blown evil. He gets off the island and he will destroy the world. If you need that made clearer, well, you are likely one of those people who spills hot coffee and is surprised it burns you.
2. What is this "infected"? Are you stupid? It isn't some kind of disease like cancer... they are referring to the idea that a person has been taken to the dark side. They just don't want to say it that way because it sounds silly. It's called a story device used to make something sound mysterious.
3. Why don't we know Smokey's name? Because. That's why. Eat it fan-boy... you don't get to know the name of the full embodiment of evil, if for no other reason than Cuse and Lindelof want to mess with you for being annoying... and I wouldn't put it past them.
4. What was the deal with Walt? Why did they drop his story? Well, he hit puberty harder than anyone saw coming. And well, not every turn in a TV show has a story reason. Sometimes people get a DUI and have to get killed off suddenly and that's the way that goes. Yep, there death didn't mean a thing... but the actor didn't give the show a choice.

Those are just some examples... and really... for so much of Lost fandom I have a simple message: (Camera 3 moment)

Shut up. Never talk again. Get the hell over yourself. Watch the show for what it is... entertainment. It's a freaking TV show. Watch it and let the story unfold. Stop being pissed that they made you think and explore your own ideas about why and who and what. They've answered most of the what the hell stuff... the whispers, why did Jack see his father, who were Adam and Eve, what is at the heart of the island, why did Jacob bring them to the island...

It is entertainment and meant to spark your mind to think about things. It isn't designed to spoon feed you everything you ever wanted to know. If you don't like where the story went, that I can talk to you about... but don't give me this shit about "why don't they tell me how everything works?" If you need that, well, I'm terrified at how you contemplate the reality of your own existence.

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