24 May 2010

When you get what you wanted...

I know already that I'm going to be in the minority here. But...

I really enjoyed the Lost finale, and yes, I got it. The show about journeys of faith, trust and destiny came to a close. It walked a beautiful line, giving the first hour of great moments of redemption and beauty. People found their meaning and more importantly, those that they loved, and moved through with it.

The island is exactly what they said it was in Across the Sea... it is the light that is everything. If you snuff it, you snuff the world. I have a long winded theory about what the church scene meant, but its late and sleep is calling.

Lost left me with joy in my heart and a sense that I saw something come to its conclusion. There are threads unresolved, and those will soon enough annoy me, but right now, I have a smile and felt rewarded for being a fan.

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