13 May 2010


Random thoughts on a Thursday morning while I wait for data to calculate...

  • Comics: Well Seige has ended, wrapping up almost 3 years of Marvel storytelling. I feel the same way I did at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths... felt good to find closure to the story. The book felt like a proper ending to something that pushed comics storytelling and reminded everyone why heroes are heroes. The redemption of Loki was especially cool. You realized that while he is full of mischief, that mischief is in the service of Odin and Asgard. Volstag also summed it perfectly... "All will pay for their sins this day"
  • Tabletop: I'm fully into Warmachine. It's just a better game. The rules are tightly written, the models have a unique and beautiful aesthetic, and it's just... well... fun. My Menoth army grows as new options come forward and I learn to enjoy all the different aspects of the army... perhaps Hordes will offer the same joy.
  • Longhorns: Baseball team is playing at an unfairly high level. Can't wait for the tournament to watch them.
  • Android: Damn you Sprint... the Droid Eris gets 2.1... why can't I have it for my Hero? It's the same damn phone.
  • Music: Listen to the Muse HAARP live disc... its Muse at their most Muse

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