30 August 2010

It's Game Week Kids

After 9 months of bitter taste in your mouth and hearing so much "could have been"... It is on. Football is back. And namely...


As the week goes on, I'm going to break down my top 5 reasons why I'm excited for this year and what lies ahead.

5. New Beginning, but not really
10 years ago my father said to me "we need to be one of those places like Forida State... where they don't rebuild, they reload." Well Dad, it is truly here. We have a stout team, with a defense that might just be the best either of have seen. The "run-first" offense is a measured reaction to what beat Texas in the title game: if everyone is geared to defend the spread, smash mouth football should dominate. And so, with a new quarterback, and a new attitude, but many of the same pieces, we have a new season. Sure we lost Colt and Jordan. They will be missed. But Gilbert and his boys are here, and they hold all the promise in the world. Texas reloaded, and it didn't take too long to do it, and from the recruiting classes we've seen, it doesn't look like they are going to drop off any time soon.

Hook 'em... thoughts?

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