01 August 2010

Ring the Bell...

Holy crap... best weekend of gaming ever. I've been cramming for over a month to get the Ork Mob ready for this, and now... with BoLS... ahem... WAR Games Con finally here, all that work paid off.

I played like crap on Friday in the Warmachine tournament, making every bad decision I could have. Had a great time tho, and caught each mistake too late to fix the error, so at least I learned. Turns out my fun was obvious and it infected my opponents. They voted me Best Opponent for the Warmachine group, which was a great honor (and will be a great prize too lol)

The Narrative Track was AWESOME. Saturday and Sunday left me exhausted, but man was it a blast. I got to play with some great people, including Dave Taylor, conversion God. Our opponents Jason, Dan and Eric (brilliant gentlemen as well) all agreed with me that Game 3 on Saturday night was probably the most epic game of 40k we'd ever been a part of. The choice I made of a Big Mek Stompa was the right one. The model is getting renamed MVP... holding a Land Raider in lock down with the Lifta Droppa arm was probably the most consistent thing I was able to do all weekend. But that isn't why... shot after shot after shot of the Deff Cannon ripped things apart and the SuperRockets destroyed a few things... but that still isn't why.

MVP earned his name because of a simple score sheet... Gaze of Mork 2, Reaver Titans 0. After considerable effort to get the shields down and start the damage, with a simple throw away cannon on the head of the Stompa I was able to blow that Reaver Titan right the heck up. It Apocolypticaly exploded and took the majority of the enemy board with it. (They still won, but only because we were to crammed to get an effective defense of the objective mustered). Sunday MVP got the last shot in on the same Titan, wrecking it. 650 points well spent I'd say.

I'm already thinking up conversion ideas for next year... Russian Egg Stompa anyone?

As promised... pictures. Thanks to all who paid the compliments for my army. I was totally humbled by how many people had great things to say about my Orks. While I sat before we started with they army next to me, having hoards of people walk up and take pictures of it made me get all GARSH and blush. Just felt like all the work I had put in was appreciated. It was truly humbling, thank you to everyone who expressed their thoughts.

Great weekend. JWolf, BigRed and everyone involved ran a hell of an event and everyone I talked to walked away having had a blast. Visit BoLS, it is the premiere gaming blog on the net and home of The Girl. The Crowbar writes for them as well.

Hell of a weekend playing with plastic toy soldiers!


  1. I had a blast playing, and man are your orks awesome! I look forward to more games next year, but instead of Kroot, perhaps I'll bring some rebel Grots, or some Orks to augment your own.

  2. Game three was epic. I still can't believe how many apocalyptic explosions happened over the weekend. The fact we managed to have enough on the Imperial side to take the breach after the Reaver went critical was over the top.