10 August 2010

Trolls and Painting Menoth...

I've wanted to get into Hordes as a way to compliment my Warmachine Menoth army, but I've been having trouble deciding. One thing I'm sure of, I really don't want to play Everblight, as they are just dripping with evil and really not my style.

I won Favored Opponent at WARGames Con for the Warmachine tournament, and I'm going to take my winnings and get that Hordes faction started. With the new rulebook out and each of the faction books throttling down the pipe, it seems like as good a time as any. 

Deciding which to play has been frustrating. I really like the look of a lot of the Circle and Skorne mini's, but the fluff is not really want I want to play. I play an uncompromising bad-ish guy in Warmachine, and I don't really want to play the manipulative douch-y-ness that is Circle or the Nihlistic Skorne. Then I read the Troll Blood fluff in the main rule book. Maybe it was the fact that Scotland the Brave was playing on my Zune... maybe it was the fact that I recently found out that my heritage traces all the way back to Robert The Bruce... but man... something about the Troll Blood fluff hooked me.

Yeah, their army isn't the most varied in terms of design. That, however, presents me with a challenge: make the Troll army I want to make, but give it a distinct aesthetic that I like to look at every time I sit down to play.

That same idea lead me to my color choice for my Menoth army: Burnt Orange, White and Slate Grey. Yeah, I know it is a bit on the nose given my prescription for fanatically following University of Texas Sports, but given that the army is full of fanatical wak-jobs, I find it oddly fitting.

So I'm going to start up a Troll Blood army. I think a slow burn on that would be best, so that I can also take the time now to paint my Menoth. 

One other sad note... RIP BFG... you were epic and a mecca for all of us. Good luck with what you do in the future guys, you will be greatly missed.

Anyone got any thoughts on Trolls, Menoth Paint or BFG?

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