20 September 2010

The Battle of Lubbock

As I Tweeted during the game... thank god I don't have hair, or I'd have pulled it all out. That was painful to watch. Seeing the offense run around like the Key Stone Cops, doing everything they could to hand the game to Tech reminded me of the halcyon days of yore watching the Oilers.

Gilbert looked fine, but the receives need to, I don't know put glue on their gloves or something. Three Interceptions off of tipped/dropped balls? ARGH

Never mind the new-fangled "Running Game"... You started a drive in the 3rd Quarter to drive down the field and take over the game, figuring out WAY too late that you could destroy the gassed Tech Defense with Cody Johnson. Why did it take that long to figure it out? The guy is a beast and runs down hill. If you want to take the air out of the ball and lock down the game, it is his job. I know this is an dead horse round these parts... but does Greg Davis really feel like he has to out think himself that much?

Now... The Defense. HOLY CRAP. Coach Mother F'in BOOM. They were all over the field... fast, steady and explosive. Jackson Jeffcoat is the real deal. Watching him mature for the next 3 years will be a treat. They are stingy, fast, and full of all kinds of hate. They know the games will usually lie on their shoulders this year, and I think they relish it. Seeing those two interceptions warmed the cockles, considering the history of the field for those two guys.

So what are we left with? Texas has an offense that wouldn't scare a crossing guard and a defense that will win games all on it's own. This is going to be a season of hair pulling and nail biting. As a season ticket holder... it means good games. I'm a defensive hawk anyway.

On another note... just an idea... but I heard something Bill Walsh once said last week that has stuck with me: "Coaches who depend on Athleticism to win games will at best be 500. Random offense may be fun and entertaining, and occasionally effective, but it isn't consistent or dependable." Watching Texas play offense, I'm reminded of this constantly. They like to put "athletes in space." Sure that can work. I'd rather have a schemed play that gives the athlete a chance to excel instead of depend on them to make the play function.

So, bring on UCLA. The last time I had the... pleasure.... *shudder*... of watching them in Austin was the biggest home loss in Texas history and the game that ushered in Macovick's downfall.

While I don't think we will see anything like that again, I'm still counting it as a blessing that I keep my head shaved... Hook 'em... BTHOOUCLA

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