17 September 2010


Wow I'm late updating this thing...

So tomorrow is the Tech Game. I cannot put into words how much Lubbock irritates me. I think I dislike being around their fans more than OU and A&M... and that is saying something. I have no idea what we are going to see tomorrow as far as on the field. Texas might roll right over Tech, finally showing every bit of the promise they've only hinted at so far. Or they could get destroyed in the one place where Mack doesn't always win.

Either way, I expect to piss off my neighbors screaming at the TV while watching it.

Learning Menoth goes well. I start the painting process this week. I'm making a point to focus on a caster to learn them. Right now, the focus is Harbinger, and I need to play more games. Looking forward to Wednesday for that...

For now... Go Horns, BTHOT

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