23 September 2010

Warmachine Plastic Battle Box

I picked up the new Menoth Plastic Battle Box yesterday. It is, funny enough, exactly what I expected. Plastic Crusader, which is the same bits we've seen before. Plastic Revenger and Repenter use the same main chassis (the same as the Vigilant) with different arms and head. This leads me to think they will do a kit with all 3 of the classic light jacks the same way they did with the heavy jacks. The plastic Kreoss was slick, and he assembled like a thin Bastion - very simple model to put together.

I took the opportunity to magnetize the Crusader chassis since it is now my 4th of the plastic heavy jacks. This will give me the flexibility to have a second Crusader, Templar or Vanquisher as well as a body that I can attach the Scourge of Heresy upgrade bits to.

All in all, I was impressed with how well the packaging came off and in general how easy the models are to put together. Privateer has done a great job with their plastic kits and now that they can get them out with regularity, we might see even more. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

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