11 October 2009



  • Shipley is amazing... great game with 2 touchdown
  • The defense is special... they fly to the ball and adjust from series to series
  • Colt is Colt... he has that flair to him that makes him seem invincible, even when everything else is falling apart
  • Points from everywhere... blocked punt, punt return for a TD, interception return for a TD

  • Running game... they racked up under 50 yards rushing as a team... AS A TEAM!
  • Kick Off coverage... what the hell... seriously... cover a damn kick
  • Punts... *FACEDESK* two pooch style punts, both blown kicks... the hell are you trying to accomplish with this crap?
Over all, a win is a win, but man, it is hard to feel great about your team when they make you mad with frustration.

Still... Hook 'Em

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