17 October 2009

Texas/OU thoughts...

In no particular order...
  • OU's defense is all world... they are everywhere and fast and are the key to the OU season. They will beat any team that can't match them defensively. 
  • Fozzy Wozzy... dude is quick and seems healthy... looks like they found a running back combo they can rely on because...
  • Cody Johnson was a bear... the guy is big, but still shifty. He and Fozzy can be that perfect one-two punch that makes a running game work. With all the attention to Colt and J-Ship, they need a consistent running game. Vondrel is good and all, but these two stepped up on The Stage. 
  • Speed kills... so much speed on the field, so much on defense for both teams. You saw a lot of Sunday players on the TV today.
  • 12 made some money... not Colt, but Earl Thomas. He's the best Texas DB, and continues to show his speed and magnetism to the ball. I'm impressed, and he's going to be a hell of a guy to watch get even better.
  • Mushcamp is your daddy... Texas defense is stout, fast, and will win almost every game. The Texas offense is potent, but has been inconsistent. Defensively, it is not close. They are everywhere and adjust as good as anyone I've seen this year. Yeah, I'm biased, but they are really good. I give you this as evidence... Texas held UTEP to 53 yards... the next week, UTEP went out and scored 58 on Houston. Yes, Houston isn't the best D, but seriously, they scored more points than yards gained the week before. That's all Texas D. And Muschamp is the key. He's an amazing coach. And they love to play for him. His enthusiasm, humor, and creativity jump out at you with every series. He is Mack's best hire, and I am as happy as I could be have him roaming the Texas sidelines.
  • There Ya Go Pardner.... Can someone please muzzle Brent Musberger? Herbstreat is great, brings insight, and charisma for days. And then Musberger starts talking, and I want to hang myself. The guy is unbearable. Give me Mike Patrick or Ron Franklin any day of the week. Could you imagine how awesome Herbstreat/Franklin would be? Keep Mike Patrick with Craig James, they are excellent together and make any game watchable. 
Enough for today, Go Horns. BTHOOM

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