05 October 2009

Weekly Warhammer Update - Orks have finally hit the table

I've been able to snag 2 games of 40k this week. My Orks have performed as expected, Nobs being a real pain in the ass to kill, and everything else still figuring itself out. I am trying to learn what my army is capable of without just going out and snagging an army list on the net. What I know so far:
  • Nobs are a pain in the ass to kill... and if you have a varied load out for them, 5th ed wound allocation gets a little cheesy
  • Meganobs are fun, and scare people, but regular nobs are overall better
  • Storm Boys are great, but I've only played with Boss Zagstrukk. Next game I play, I'm going to go for the full 20 mob and an old fashioned Nob with Power Klaw.
  • My Battlewagon is also stout, and makes a hell of a "please shoot me" kind of target... I think I need 2 more.
  • Big Mek with Kustom Force Field is kind of like cheating... but it keeps trucks alive far longer than they should stay upright
I have also gotten work done on Orkus Fattimus (Warlord on Bike, too fat to really "ride" in the traditional sense). I will post pictures once I have something that looks more finished, but he's going to be hilarious. Thanks to my roomate for all the sculpting and creative assistance. 

On the Fantasy side of things, Archaon finally got here. Games Workshop really needs to get their shit together when it comes to special order shipping. If they are going to remove so much of the line to force direct orders, it really ought to get to customers faster. When I ordered him, I was still thinking of building every army around him... now... he will come out for fun, but not as a staple. He's assembled, and hopefully Thursday night I will get a feel for how good he can be.

I still need marauders on foot, but I really wish I didn't have to. The army is called Chaos Warriors... I really would love to actually put them on the table without hamstringing myself points wise.

Okay, enough ramblings for tonight...

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