26 October 2009

That's a lot of Orks

So went up to BFG today to play a friend who is just learning and my roommate showed up and felt like getting a game. Well, since you can't really play a 3-way game of 40k, I played two armies of Orks against them.

Holy crap. I have a lot of Orks... I was able to field 4000 and probably could have fielded another 2000.

I did decently enough, but got a few steps shy of the final win because of a land raider full of Khorne death I didn't deal with well enough. Still fun as hell. My back is sore as hell tho... but a ton of fun none the less.

That, and I learned a few things about how to do some things differently.

Another note, I did a ton of converting Saturday while I watched football (a rant on why the SEC can blow me to come) and I came to a scary realization: I cut the shit out of my thumb. Cut it bad... more times than I can count really when I look at it today. Apparently it bled a bit too from the look of the deepest cut. Here's the rub tho... I didn't feel any of it. The jab on my left index finger is *still* smarting, but the thumb... nothin. Mars says I have callouses... guess I've just cut it that many times that I do. That or the nerves have stopped caring and gave up the ghost.

Either way, good weekend after feeling awful Friday.

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