29 July 2010

Things not to learn the hard way...

  1. Don't put anything with fresh super glue in your mouth... you know it got on your tongue because you can taste the emptyness... it is like a taste cloaking device.
  2. Don't apply paint seal in bad light... let's just say my army doesn't need a white dry brush... I want to punch myself in the face, but it would only hurt less.
I'm too tired to be pissed... spent the whole day getting the second stompa finalized. The Lifta-Droppa arm is complete and I like the way it looks. I have to let the green stuff rivets dry overnight before I base spray in the morning. 

At least the Stompas and the Mek Boy Junka won't look like some idiot sprayed too much sealant on them... I could puke right now.

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