19 May 2011

Today's Progress: Sorting the Bits

So after finishing the Battle Fortress, I've got bits strewn all over my office. My desk is barely visible under the debris and pots of paint are everywhere.

Now I'm going to start organizing the remaining bits to make the process of completing the army easier. I keep finding random sprues here and there and they pile up fast. I have a dresser in my office that has been empty, so I'm going to transfer everything into there. Thank goodness MrsRabbit is great with organization... we are going to separate everything by type and put it into different labeled drawers.

Tasks left for Narrative:

  • Paint Kill Krusha #1 - it's primed and needs the Mechrite Orange/Boltgun Metal/Devil Mud rust treatment and then the Enchanted Blue/Skull White/Blazing Orange detailing
  • Assemble and Paint Kill Krusha #2 - it is still in the bag... I had already started the Battle Fortress when the amazing customer service of Forge World delivered the "replacement" bits that were missing from the first box I got at Adepticon ... and by replacement bits I mean they sent me a whole second kit
  • Paint Battle Wagon #3 - I may as well, 2 is nice, but 3 is even better
  • Convert and Paint MekBoy Junka - One of the glorious joys from IA8, the MekBoy Junka is a converter's dream: basically... make any tank you want... For pure sillyness I'm going to do a turret mounted Shokk Attack Gun and a Deff Rolla, then fill it with Tank Bustas 
  • Paint Tank Bustas - if they are going to get fielded, they gotta be painted
  • Finish Painting Grots - going to use Grots for Objectives and they need the detail paints as they are all based up
  • Convert My Warboss - going for a mad pirate... still in the planning here
  • Paint my Gaz Gul Thraka - it's Armageddon... I need to at least have one ready in case I get him as a strategic asset or something
  • Paint as many boys as I can before July - Once all the vehicles are done, I need to get as many boys ready for whatever madness BigRed has planned
Lots to do, but I have 48 days and a plan.

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