23 May 2011

Weekend Progress: Junka and a Hornet's Nest

Here's the start up pics for the Mek Boy Junka:
From Mad Mek
From Mad Mek

Using a more rough shod approach here, using a bit of i-beam as the "turrent" for the shokk attack gun. Should be fun once I get the Deff Rolla in and even more so when I can finally paint.

I couldn't prime this weekend because it was a bit humid and more importantly, because of the TWO hornet's nests right above the table I normally use. I'm allergic, so needless to say, I didn't venture out there. MrsRabbit tells me the exterminators from the apartment complex came out and killed them all... and I'm so glad I didn't. Apparently, the 3 we saw were just the tip of the hornet ice berg.

Hopefully I can get back tp priming and paining tonight.

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