31 May 2011

This Weekend's Progress: Mekboy Junka is Complete

One part Deff Rolla, one part Shokk Attack Gun, one part looted Rhino... out comes the MekBoy Junka.

This guy is using the painting rust model I've used previously:

From Mad Mek

From Mad Mek

From Mad Mek

I made a point to use a lot more mods on this one, adding the boarding plank doors and the Deff Dread face. The side shootas are from an Ork War Bike and the random glyphs are from the assorted piles of bits lining the shop.

It took some work to bore out the Shokk Attack Gun, but once I was able to Dremel out the metal arm and other bits, what I was left with was a perfect fit. I tried to come up with some kind of cool looking covered turrent for it, but it worked even better just using the plasti-card i-beams as support.

Once I got the rust look on, I added the standard Enchanted Blue and Skull White to give it that Deff Skull look. I have the Tank Bustas primed and base-coated. They should be posted this week.

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