02 June 2011

52 Card Pick Up: DC #1 to the what now?

DC is apparently rebooting all of its comics to #1. This means 52 number ones will come out in September.

I'm sorry... what?

So they are resetting the universe... again. Well at least this time they are leaving it to Geoff Johns and putting Grant Morrison on Superman. My honest guess is this is what they really wanted to get to as a result of Infinite Crisis but hadn't done the story telling to set it up... or something.

I get the marketing and sales reasons for doing this. #1 is a great way to get new readers and get some buzz around your comics. Also if they are going to do a full blown online sales push, having a new start is a great way to get that rolling. Also it is a great way to get old readers who got tired of the mire of old continuity and unable to follow the years of back story to return to the fold. I hope it works. Comics needs the sales. Oh man do comic book need the sales.

All that said... We are talking about yet another trick to shake of the way of things and we have no reason to think this won't follow the classic comics mold: LOOK! Change! We mean it! Seriously! Then, months later... things go back to the way they were... kind of. Jason Todd is perma-dead... until Superboy Prime got all emo and punched continuity until it brought him back to life. (I wish I was making that story idea up. Thank you Judd "hack-sauce" Winick!) Captain America was dead... until they brought him back and... oh wait that brilliantly because Brubaker is a writing deity.

You get my point. Nothing is permanent. Everything comes back from the dead. Or from stasis. Or whatever. Why should this be any different?

DC, you are pushing it. Seriously. I want to have faith. But in order for you to have my money, I need some collateral. Reset Detective Comics to #1. That's the name plate of the company. DC stands for Detective Comics. Break the longest running consistent line of comics, Action Comics, to #1. Burn that bridge and I'll take you seriously. Well... maybe.

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