29 June 2011

Warhammer 40k: WGC Narrative Army is Complete

The Mad Mek has finished his masterpiece...

Here's the 6000 points I'm bringing to WGC Narrative. I'll be using mainly the tank heavy 3000 point list I've been talking up for a good three months.

The walkers were built for last year's Narrative and it looks like they will be needed. I haven't heard of another Ork player yet, so I'll have all of it with me for the event.

While building terrain at Darkywynn's this weekend, BigRed had me set everything up to take some shots. This will be on BoLS at some point in the next week, but for you, loyal readers, here's the full set of shots:

Still to be done for WGC:
A display tray for the tanks, finalizing the rules for the warboss, finishing the paint job on the internals of the second Kill Krusha.

Also, I'll have shots coming of the Mantic Kings of War Dwarf Army I'm painting up for BigRed and BoLS.

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