13 June 2011

Wargaming: The Narrative Army Paint Scheme

By now you've all seen my Deff Skull army, and for many, I've been questioned about why my models continue to look the way they do. I figure I should speak to why I made the army color choices I did.
Short answer: Cause I felt like it.

Seriously. I love the Enchanted Blue color and love the look it gives the model when used correctly. You have to be careful. I've over done it here and there and come to see a flat, lifeless color. If you use it right, hitting a panel here and there or follow my personal obsession with rivets, you get a great color pop from the model.

The thing is, and I understand this comment, the army tends to look like they are a uniform of metal. There is a trend in the comments on BoLS that I should detail and break up the metal look on each model more. That I should age each one differently and give them all a worn or field weary look. While I understand that idea, I don't cater to it.

I *want* the army to look like a giant mass of metal with random pops of bright blue and white. I want it to look like each one is indistinguishably "clean" or "unused". That's the point. Deff Skulls are by fluff a den of thieves. They steal all that they use, slap a "fresh coat of blue paint on it" and take it to battle. I've read that quote in more than one source. The idea of the army, more than anything else, is that you shouldn't be able to identify where the vehicle came from. They are uni-formally metal and blue. That way, no one can claim my Mek stole their toys.

I'm not even kidding, this was a pre-meditated idea. It also happens that, as a painter, I'm still learning my craft and this is an easier method than shading and proper detail on each part of the model. I'd rather have something table ready and distract you with belligerent blue.

As you've seen in this blog, with my Menoth army I've taken a different tact. I want them to look good and shaded and table ready. The Orks are another matter. This is an army wide philosophy, and once the entire army is done, I'll post a few pictures of everything together. The theme should jump off the screen at you.

Tasks left to complete before July:
I finished the Tank Bustas and one unit of Gretchin last night. I have to finish the other one and build and paint the second Kill Krusha.  That leaves me with only my warboss in dread conversion. I'm WAY ahead of where I was last year and my back will definitely thank me for it.

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