12 June 2011

Today's Progress: Kill Krusha #1

The first of my two Kill Krusha tanks is complete and painted. More on the army after the jump...

This tank is beautiful. The kit is amazing and honestly, it is smaller than I expected it would be. This one isn't as detailed on the inside as #2 will be because of an... incident... with our friendly puppy who I will refer to from here on out as The Destroyer. She got a hold of the turret section and chewed it in half. Luckily, this is the part of the tank that get's hidden by the chassis, so I didn't have to enact any revenge...

As far as further progress, now that #1 is done, #2 is going to get assembled and painted. Again, I only have 2 because Forge World has the best customer service in the history of anything.

After that... my lease favorite part of war games painting: painting the dudes. There is a reason I go with mostly mecha armies: I hate painting rank and file infantry. Sure, I'm going to go standard table ready, but I don't want them to look like something I puked on either.

The only other project remaining is the Iron Clad Conversion, but that is dependenat on the Iron Clad actually arriving. Per the merchant, the first one was crushed and sent back by USPS. They promised me another had been shipped and I should see it any day now.

I guess I should do some kind of display tray. It won't be a bad idea, if only because I have so many tanks this year that transport will be a bit tricky. I can't magnetize all the bases and stick them to a trash can like last year:

I've got 20-ish days to get this all done, and it looks like I won't have the crippling back pain I had last year because I had to paint 3000 points in a week. I will make sure to have both armies with me as well, just in case someone gets sick of getting massacred and wants to have fun on Sunday at WGC.

TIme for bed, but here are some more shots of the Kill Krusha:

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