15 June 2011

Today's Progress: Converting the Iron Clad

The Mad Mek continues...

This is the beginning of my Warboss conversion, using the Iron Clad Dreadnaught as a base model. I've got fluff written up for him and once BigRed and I finalize his rules, I'll post them here. I'm going to snag a Finecast Zagstruck and use his torso, but I still need to find an Ork head large enough to work. likely a Black Reach head will work, but I'm going to have to dig through bits.

I also got the Tankbustas painted:

These guys will ride in the converted Mek Boy Junka and run up the field looking for all the glory they can handle.

I'll have pictures of the grots once they are done, and will get good camera shots from either BigRed or TheGirl soon enough... cause they have real cameras and not just a phone.

One last bit... I get my copy of Wrath today. Man am I giddy!

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