25 July 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: Final Stage

Soon enough, Andy will have his spot at the top. But not this year. 2011 was finally Cadel's year to put it all together.

So we have seen the final stage of the 2011 Le Tour De France. It was a brilliant race, each stage with drama and captivating story lines. There was the endless carnage of the first week, the cagey gamesmanship of the Pyrenees, the brilliance of Andy's break-away, Garmin's magical run, five more stages down for Cavendish or even the rise of Norway as a cycling power.

But ultimately, I will remember this years Le Tour for Cadel. His ferocity throughout the race, from his dogged push to come within a breath of winning Stage 1 all the way to his absolute dominance in the Individual Time Trail on the day before Paris. Cadel put his stamp all over this race and showed from the gun that he was here to win.

So that ends another great three weeks in France. Back to writing about toy soldiers!

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