15 July 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: Stage 12

Joy is a beautiful thing... Sammy Sanchez wins the first dance in the mountains, and Contador shows weakness.

Did all the wrecks hurt him? Was he doping all the time and finally got caught? Is he worn down by the publicity? Is everyone else so hungry to feed on his carcas that they will take advantage of any hint of weakness?

The mountains are the grand stage of Le Tour. Contador seems to not be physically up to the challenge, showing gritted, painful expression on the last climb, something alien to his face. The Schlecks looked comfortable and Cadel kept pace. I think we have a game this year, and I don't want to count Contador out by any means, the man has one more Grand Tours than anyone on a bike right now, but he looks weak.... And the peleton looks vulturous.

Good to see Volchler sleep in Yellow on Bastille Day. The French fans love him, and just as I celebrated Farrah on the 4th, it is great to see a country get to celebrate their own hero on a independence holiday.

Coverage wise, Versus continues to nail it. Liam has grown leaps and bounds since the first days, and while I personally prefer Craig Hummer's gravitas, the kid has learned and is doing better.

I'm looking forward to a weekend in front of the TV, watching stages 13, 14 and 15. The GC won't be decided this weekend, but we will have a real contender in yellow come Monday.

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