12 July 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: Stage 9

So I went to War Games Con and Le Tour turned into Nascar or something...

Wow. Just... WOW. Let's cover the first bits of this:
  • A massive wreck in Stage 8 causes Levi Leipheimer to be delayed to the finish by a full 3 minutes, virtually ending his podium bid. Then Chris Horner was launched from his bike, causing him to retire for Le Tour with injuries. Radio Shack is effectively done in a matter of days. Only Kloden remains to lead the team.
  • Alberto Contador has fallen at least 4 times, mostly due to his own moronic insistence to ride in the middle of the Peleton.
  • Stage 9 saw the true nightmare of a descent in wet conditions - the front of the Peleton flew off the road, ending Le Tour for Alexander Vinokurov and Dave Zabriskie. 
  • As the breakaway looks to be pulling away to truly hold the stage, a car avoiding a tree, driving FAR too close to the riders clips Juan Antonio Flecha who flies into Johnny Hoogaland, sending him head over heals into a line of BARBED WIRE. Both men not only get back on the bike and finish the stage, but Hoogaland is rewarded with his effort for the day with the King of the Mountains Jersey.
Uhm... WOW. In a race marred by crashes, watching the replay of Stage 9 was like watching a demolition derby. How Hoogaland finished the race and is starting Stage 10 is beyond me. The man is built of stuff so stern I can't fathom it.

I'll have more with Monday's stage tonight as well as a WGC recap tomorrow.

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