29 July 2011

Wargaming: Burn-Out

I rushed to get three armies done for Adepticon and WarGames Con since the year started... and it wore me down more than I thought it would.

I was amazed that the Monday after WGC every ounce of creativity that had been like rocket fuel since January left me as if it was never there. I was so excited to get everything ready and was expecting the wave to continue and keep me painting and converting like nothing happened. But the passion just wasn't there.

I owe BigRed a Mantic Dwarf army to be painted up and I will have it done this week for a battle report. I'm using that as my gateway drug to get back into the swing of things. I have Trolls to paint and a Menoth army to fill out color wise. Speaking of Menoth... I haven't even put Thyra or Blood Of Martyrs together. Got them the day they came out... but just never felt compelled to throw them together.

The trip to Grand Rapids has made me miss gaming tho. Thursday night not up at DL, but instead with co-workers, while a lot of fun, wasn't the same. I feel the itch coming back from it's slumber.

It is only a matter of time, and this blog will be flooded with progress on the armies I'm working on. I have enough unpainted stuff in cases that need attention to keep me busy for ages. That and I would love to learn how to do more than just prime/base/wash/highlight.

So with that, dear readers I ask you a question... ever just gotten worn down and burned out by the hobby and needed a break?


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, you have a great output. It took me two months to get my squad of five BA Scouts ready for WGC. If I were painting as fast as you do, I'd have a burn out all the time. =O)

  2. Agree with Parcival. I had 95% of my army done 2-3 weeks before WGC, but in the last minute rush of this and that, plus you do have to admit, although extremely fun, those narrative track games are pretty intense and that can knock you back a step as well.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that it's Ok to take breaks...that's what keeps you from getting an extended burn out. In fact just go play something for giggles. In my case, we're going to be working some Epic into our get togethers because it is different and lots of fun.

    And for the record, I haven't picked up a brush since WGC. I'm not worried I'll get there.