06 July 2011

Le Tour De France 2011: Stage 5

Carnage... raw carnage... wrecks galore dominated Stage 5 of Le Tour, and then a missle fired.

The Manx Missle infact, Mark Cavendish showed his dominance over cycling stage races and was able to win, even without his lead out train. Today he was the very best, beating all his rivals (although Farrah wasn't involved for some reason) and taking down the glory.

As good as his win was tho, the story of Stage 5 was the repeated wrecks that left a field bloodied cyclist. Radio Shack is now down one of its bigger guns and Contador toppled but looks to be okay. Tom Bonnan (former Green Jersey winner) also crashed, but gutted it out to finish the day.

Thor remains in Yellow, and Garmin continues to look as if made of the strongest stuff on the road. Of course, we haven't made it to the mountains to find out what Ryder and Christian have in store.

Today was compelling television, and I expect the same tomorrow. Speaking of television, Liam has found his form. He's gotten past the stumbling verbiage and is finding his gravitas. Phil and Paul continue to be the best play by play in sports. Bob Roll continues to be goofy, and the Road ID ads are playing off that perfectly.

Tomorrow is another stage for the speedsters, beware the crashes.

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