26 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Finale

So Contador held on, barely, to win the Yellow in Paris. Seeing him break down on stage after winning the jersey at the Time Trial tells you how much he wanted it and just how scared he was he had lost it. It is good to see an emotional winner, who is proud to hold his prize and will break himself in two in order to achieve it. Too bad that usually means a lousy person to be around (see Michael Jordan).

Cavendish winning in Bordeaux and Paris cements him as the Greatest Sprinter of the Age. The Fastest Man on two wheels showed he needs only the opportunity and opening to get to the line, and he will dominate all challengers. The one man who I think could have given him a run for it was Farrar, and his broken wrist prevented the show down everyone wanted. Next year kids... next year.

Alas, for my cycling hero, Lance Armstrong, there is no next year. Well, at least at Le Tour as a rider. He was gracious in his exit and brilliant on Tuesday to give that lasting beautiful image of a great warrior fighting to show he still will. He will be missed, and Le Tour will certainly feel the hit in the ratings, but his Legacy not only as a great champion, but as an evangelist of Cancer Prevention and Treatment will last for ages. For the record I'm still going to watch... the rivalry between Contador and Schleck is compelling and will provide great story telling for years.

So I say good bye to my yearly obsession. It has gotten me back to blogging regularly, whether or not anyone else is reading it (stats tell me I'm the only one who does... anyone care to comment?). Enjoy the recap show on Monday on Versus.

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