20 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 14

And with one slip of a chain, Le Tour went from one of the best I've ever seen in terms of competition and compelling television to eye glue. This is insane. We can cram more controversy and storyline into this year? Really? As a viewer and fan of the sport... AWESOME.

So yeah... Andy's chain popped off right as he was kicking in the after burners to try to put Alberto into difficulty. Alberto responded and then blew past him. Unfortunately, he kept accelerating up the mountain and put on the rocket jets down the descent. Schleck worked his ass off to get to the top as fast as he could, but his group wasn't the desending mad-men that Contador's was and he lost yellow.

Was it fair what Contador did? Should he have waited on him? In my opinion, maybe not waited, but he could have kept from the serious attacks. He actively accelerated while Schleck was getting back on his bike and back rolling. I've watched Tour after Tour that has examples of this kind of situation showing off supreme fair play and a desire to win because you put the other guy in difficulty, not a spot of luck. I can see why Contador wouldn't tho, as it wasn't his fault and he couldn't wait too long and give Sanchez and Menchov enough cracks to crawl back into the top two.

I will love watching people bag on Contador because he didn't win... he got lucky. Fine with me, I find the guy to be a jerk and it is so in his personality.

But now... as promised, Stage 15 will be Andy's Revenge. As a viewer and a fan... OH.HELL.YES.

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