07 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 3

Cobblestones were as brutal as advertised. I've never seen the classics that feature them... that is just a rough ride.

Another GC guy goes down in Frank Schleck... the site of him laying on the side of the road was painful enough to watch, but word that he has 3 fractures to his collar bone makes it that much more cringe worthy.

Tyler Farrah is a bad bad man. Fractured wrist and a score of bumps and bruises, but the man is still in the race. I was already rooting for the dude... but now it is magnified. Hope he can make it to Paris and show just how tough an SOB he is. If he even manages to sprint in a stage or two, well, he's made of iron.

Lance's flat tire sucked, but his form looks outstanding. He looks like a man who is ready to win the race. I'm hoping he didn't lose too much yesterday for it to hamper him.

All in all, not as much carnage as day 2, but still... Le Tour is about suffering on some level, but the race planners this year are bordering on Sadists with some of the route choices. While yesterday made for compelling television, it was because of the effort of Armstrong, Contador, Andy Schleck, Spartacus and Thor. It shouldn't be easy, but I think this is a bit much.

Flat stage today, if anyone has the gas left for a sprint, it should be a fun finish.

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