12 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 7 & 8

This weekend we saw the true beginning of the Overall Classification for Le Tour De France 2010... the Alps. We saw men rise to the challenge of the mountains, showing off why they are considered challengers. Spartacus lost his yellow, but that is almost customary at this point. His body isn't fit for the peaks.

So now your GC top 10 looks exactly like what we thought it should look like. All the heads of state are there... well almost. Only one man failed to keep up, and it wasn't because his legs weren't with him. I never thought I would say this as a fan of his, but man, I almost pity Lance Armstrong. Lady Luck didn't just turn on him. She pimp slapped him in public, waited for him to stager back, and then did it again. There is no greater rider of Le Tour than Lance. He is inhuman and brilliant when he's on form. Sadly, form doesn't matter this year for him as flat tires and crashes that he didn't cause have nullified his greatness on the bike and reduces him to the best Domestique anyone has ever had. He will ride like a demon now for Levi, who remains in the top 10.

I would have fear if I was the rest of the riders, as Radio Shack still looks like they are a team with good legs. But now they have focus. I can guarantee you also that Lance is angry. He will personally attempt to push the field as the lead out for Levi. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

That's what I'm hoping for at least... hard to root for a petulant twat from Spain, a douche from Luxumburg and an also ran from Australia.

Well... there are the sprints...

Rest Day today... watch the Versus recap. Those guys do AMAZING coverage of the race. Phil and Paul are why I know what I know about racing, and they are the most entertaining play by play guys in any sport just shy of Tommy Smyth.

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