27 July 2010

The Convetion formerly known as BoLs

The Con Formerly known as BoLs is this weekend... and I'm just about ready. I've got most of my army painted. Tonight's work is finishing the MekBoy Junka, the Big Mek, the last MegaNob and all the grots on the 1st Stompa. Then the magnetizing and basing begins. I've made a mix of ash and this dark brush with some rocks for texture. Should look cool against the dull steel, bright blue and bone white.

I snagged a metal trash can lid for a display tray... which will look AWESOME and fit the theme of a bunch of grouches in walking trash cans.

The last task is to complete the second Stompa. Wednesday is going to be busy, but with the Girl, the Crowbar and the Spatula of Motivation to keep me crackin, I'm confident I can get it all built.

Best part about this army is that it was put together through copious trades of models I already owned and didn't use anymore. That and I get to play my Mega Dredd (such an awesome Christmas Gift, thanks Mom and Dad).

For Warmachine on Friday I have everything glued and my two lists put together. So glad I don't have to get them painted in time... 

Pictures will be posted both of the completed armies and from the weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see the finished stompa :)

    I'll be over tonight.... gotta wash and gloss. Fun times.